Beyond corporate boundaries

Open Innovation is a new way of thinking about innovation and going beyond the "secret sauce" and proprietary knowledge within an organization. 

Use Idea Deployer to collect ideas from external sources and gain access to more creative ideas which can lead to better outcomes.

Features of Idea Management Software

Ideas and Intelligence Anywhere

Open innovation challenges

Idea Deployer allows you to set innovation challenges to gather ideas and find solutions from anywhere and create an ecosystem that thrives on crowdsourcing.

Customer driven innovation

Give customers a voice that can help drive innovation by coming up with better, more efficient and simpler ways of doing things leading to happier customers who have more faith in the company.

Idea Factory

Capture innovative ideas from all the sources of innovation - internal and external, and create an idea factory that can be new venture for organizations to grow.

Idea Deployer helps integrating all users in the innovation process – to learn from and with them.

Innovation challenge

Fire the innovation engine by providing a platform for creating new ideas to overcome new challenges and promote a culture of risk, experimentation, and innovation.

Create community

Share ideas to get others unique perspective on your idea, follow through with their inputs, enrich the idea and leverage each others wisdom.


Manage you innovation portfolios and know how much funding should go towards incremental improvements, breakthroughs, and occasional large-scale failures.


Manage the idea implementation and realization by planning projects and excuting tasks.

Also use Idea Deployer for

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