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Idea Deployer is the powerhouse to help any organization create and manage innovation challenges. You’ll be able to easily create, launch and manage your innovation challenges and track progress.

Features of Idea Management Software

Allow the innovative side of everyone to be showcased. 

Innovation challenges offer a way for individuals to contribute their ideas and creativity to the organization. Posting a challenge will allow users to tap into each other's expertise, enable them to think out of the box, and give them an opportunity to put their innovative ideas into action.

Innovation workspace

Innovation is a process that takes place in an environment that promotes creativity and innovation. One of the most important things you can do is create an innovation workspace and workflow to help manage your creativity and encourage innovation by posting an innovation challenge.

Challenge workflow

Idea Deployer allows you to build bespoke workflows that are customized for different innovations as the different approaches may be required for each innovation.

Challenge category

Assign innovation themes by adding challenge categories such as increase revenue, profit, customer satisfaction or decrease cost, waste, defects, and organize your challenges or missions or goals.

Cover image

How do you make your innovation challenge or mission exciting? Enhance your challenge by adding a cover image and which draws attention and tells your story or mission statement.

Add attachment

Provide context to your challenge or mission by adding a word document, a slide deck, or a text file. Maybe adding a pitch video from the sponsor asking for ideas for customer experience improvement?

Challenge governance

Broadcast your challenge to a strategic group of users who can manage and govern the challenge such as posting, editing, changing status in the challenge pipeline.


Add hashtags while submitting a challenge and discover what topics your colleagues are most interested in and connect with your fellow innovators.

Auto save

With real-time autosave, you will never lose your work even if you lose power or close the computer down at an inopportune time. Drafts are autosaved in the background.


A challenge open forever hardly attracts any attention. Timebox your challenge and create a sense of urgency and engagement.

Upvote or downvote

You can upvote or downvote an innovation challenge and the organization can get feedback on the more pressing challenge that should be prioritized.

Real-time collaboration

Instill a sense of responsibility and ownership in your team by letting them collaborate, comment, refine and engage in an innovation challenge.

Card view

Card view allows you and your team to interact with challenges easily providing a quick summary of challenges and access to challenge-specific settings.

List view

List view allows you and your team to get a snapshot of all statistics of all challenges in an innovation workspace enabling you to save your time and increase the efficiency of challenge management.

Kanban view

Kanban a.k.a. pipeline view allows you and your team to manage challenges through the challenge funnel. You can move a challenge through the workflow and change the status.

Workflow rules

Make your innovation process transparent and decision-making efficient by adding workflow rules like a criterion which when met then only allows changing status of a challenge in the workflow.

Challenge analytics

Idea Deployer's dashboard allows you to real-time analytics on challenges and easily assess the alignment with your innovation objectives.

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