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A successful digital transformation is a big change in culture, business practices, and strategy, and even how work is being done. Hence, it’s crucial that before transforming, leaders galvanize their workforce so that they all have the mindset to withstand it.  

Features of Idea Management Software

Poeple + Data + Innovation = Success

Accelerate time-to-market

Inherent in digital transformation is the idea of an accelerated time to market for innovation by being able to focus on the right ideas and leveraging the data more effectively.

Digital innovation ecosystem

Idea Deployer provides a digital collaborative environment where everyone including customers and suppliers has an opportunity to contribute their ideas that deliver value transformation.

Smart innovation

Use the collective intelligence of remotely located stakeholders, employees, and communities to get ideas against your biggest challenges and drive smart innovation.

Idea Deployer prepares your organization for a culture that is conducive to digital transformation and helps everyone to understand what "digital" means to them.

Configurable workflow

Every innovation program is different and follows a different life cycle. With Idea Deployer, you can customize the innovation funnel for each program to fit a specific need.

Bottom-up innovation

Often the brightest ideas come from the bottom level of the organization. Connect them digitally and expand sources of innovation.

Progressive Web-app

Idea Deployer provides a seamless experience across all mobile devices to collect, share and manage ideas.

One tool

One tool for all innovation needs - challenge management, idea managment and idea execution management.

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