Create a Culture of Continuous Innovation

Helping you to capture, collaborate, prioritize, and realize the great ideas on what matters most to your business.

Responsive Idea Management Software

Why Idea Deployer?

Expand and explore the new horizon

Increase profit by creating a new line of service or venture.

Tap the untapped knowldege

Involve working hands, get great ideas and reduce operational cost.

Reduce the cost of innovation

Stay on track and top of the ideation pipeline and streamline the innovation execution.

Focus on the right ideas for your business

Run idea campaigns linked with business and process performance strategy.

Increase engagement

Share ideas, voting and encourage participation by building on each other's ideas and foster team spirit.

Accelerate idea to implementation

Fast-track conversion of ideas into real impact, realize benefits and deliver bottom-line results.

Get real results

Leverage the collective brain-power and get maximum impact.

Create a culture of continuous innovation

Provide an environment where valuable insights are nurtured and rewarded.

Focused rapid ideation

Enable in-depth problem-solving in quick turnaround time with successful outcomes.

What is Idea Deployer?

Idea Deployer is a cloud-based all-in-one ideation management solution that helps you to discover, capture, collaborate, evaluate, prioritize and execute the best idea and deploy an innovation culture.

How it works?

Step 1: Define your innovation challenge

Post a Challenge

Innovation is a process that takes place in an environment that promotes creativity and innovation. One of the most important things Idea Deployer lets you create an innovation workspace and workflow to help manage and encourage innovation by posting an innovation challenge. Innovation challenges can be shared across the organization and anyone can share their ideas. 

Idea Deployer helps you to quickly and easily create, launch, and manage innovation challenges and to track the progress of your innovation challenges.

Post an Innovation Challenge Form
New Idea and New Innvovation Capturing Form

Step 2: Collect ideas


Big opportunities happen when you're not there to capture them. With Idea Deployer's easy and intuitive interface, you can capture ideas from anyone, anytime and anywhere. Crowdsource the great ideas from your employees, customers, suppliers, and co-workers and encourage open innovation.  

Idea Deployer is the most powerful tool for managing innovation by enabling all stakeholders to capture and share their brightest ideas with others.

Step 3: Screen, refine and enrich ideas

Screen, Collaborate and Refine

Leverage the collective intelligence of your team and build better products with less effort and in less time. Idea Deployer is a collaborative innovation software that helps to screen ideas based on pre-defined criteria. Share your idea with everyone, get their feedback, collaborate, and work together to refine, enrich and build on each others' ideas. 

Innovation Funnel
Vote and Rate an Idea for Innovation Evaluation

Step 4: Evalute and select the best idea

Evaluate and Select

Stop wasting time, money, and effort on bad ideas. Idea Deployer is an innovation management platform that helps you find the best idea. It allows upvoting, downvoting, rating of an idea and that enables you to keep moving with the right ideas.

Rate ideas, vote on them, comment on each idea, and promote the best idea to achieve breakthrough innovation.

Step 5: Implement the best idea


Streamline your innovation process, stop wasting time and money on all your innovation initiatives. Idea Deployer enables you to manage your entire idea-to-execution workflow effortlessly with advanced features like phases, tasks, discussions, tracking, comment updates. You no longer need to worry about how to track all the innovation activities. 

Idea Deployer lets you easily drive innovation programs and accelerates value from your innovation process.

Idea Implementation Pipeline

The Best Ideation Management Solution

You are just minutes away from Idea Deployer.

High-Level Features

Enrich Campaign

Enrich Campaign by adding attachments, URLs or videos.

Democratic Idea selection

Let participants vote ideas and increase the acceptance of the implemented idea.


Create Project from existing templates or make your own roadmap.

Select Invites

Control the group for brainstorming and idea collection.


Streamline the innovation process as the idea moves through various stages in the idea pipeline.

Task Management

Drag and drop tasks as it progresses.

Score ideas

Rate an idea based on pre-defined criteria to ensure the best idea gets selected.

Innovation Pipeline

Get Visual states of the entire idea pipeline and its progression.

Idea Deployer transforms ideas into new business results.

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