Implementation of the idea will feel like a personal endeavor

Manage your entire idea-to-execution workflow effortlessly with: phases, tasks, discussions, track, measure and accelerate success of your innovation initiative.

Features of Idea Management Software

Stop wasting time and money on all your innovation initiatives. 

Idea Deployer enables you to manage your entire idea-to-execution workflow with ease. You'll be able to streamline and accelerate your innovation process with advanced features like phases, tasks, discussions, tracking, comment updates and more.

Add project phases

Don’t know when the idea will be implemented? Now you can create phases of a project, and exactly know how much time will an idea execution take to complete.

Add Tasks

Add tasks for yourself and other team members with information and deadlines. Find out when they submit it and check their progress.

Assign owner and priority

Assign owner and allocate tasks based on the priority list so that you don’t miss a deadline.

Task scheduling

Task scheduling will help you to assign the start and end times to a set of tasks, subject to certain constraints.

Add attachments

Adding pertinent information to a task and keep all relevant data related to that task in one location.

Progress tracking

Track the progress of the allotted tasks and know real-time visual representation of the status of a project.


Avoid costly mistakes by clearing adding definition of done and quality review checks.

Task collaboration

Collaborate and comment on a taskstay and stay on track and finish projects faster with less stress.

Email notifications

Now get notification when a new task is assigned to you. Get notified when a deadline is near or when a task is completed.


Make Idea Deployer as your own. You can add your company's logo and custom branding with no mention of Idea Deployer anywhere.


Delegate super users with responsibility for managing users, creating categories, creating groups, posting challenges, running reports, and more.


Delegate or assign innovation process management responsibilities by adding moderators who can edit, delete, move challenges and ideas in an innovation workspace.

Drag and drop

A challenge open forever hardly attracts any attention. Timebox your challenge and create a sense of urgency and engagement.


Audit trail functionality is a key to governance and you can track who made what changes to a challenge and when.


Gamifying your innovation drive to motivate employees and encourage them to be more innovative and productive.

Custom domain

Why not give your innovation initiatives a unique address at by adding a custom domain and enhance your brand's visibility.

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