Keep track of ideas and feedback in one place.

Your employees are in the best position to identify improvement and innovation opportunities. Give them the tools they need so good ideas don't slip through the cracks.  

Features of Idea Management Software

Intelligence Is Everywhere.

Know more and Get better

Idea Deployer will help you to discover how well your employees understand your business and where they have blind spots.

Know what you don't know

With Idea Deployer, implementation of new innovation strategy will be more successful when the employees feel involved and provide ideas about what they think is best for the organization.

Connect employess with ambition

Employee involvement using Idea Deployer will result in having a sense of appreciation for being able to provide ideas on the different aspects of the organization.

Idea Deployer will enable you to prioritize and evaluate the ideas to ensure the brightest ones get implemented.

Collect ideas from anywhere

Capture idea from anywhere and anytime as Ideas come at any time and  you will be in a position to capture them when they do.

Transparent rating

Employees will be encouraged to suggest or recommend ideas if they're confident that they will be transparently reviewed.

Ease of collaboration

Collaborative thinking is key for the success of any organization and Idea Deployer allows everyone to contribute their ideas equally.


Gamifying your innovation drive to motivate employees and encourage them to be more innovative and productive. 

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