Small ideas, big results

Employees always have plenty of insights on where the company is now and where they need to go. Ask your employees what could be improved in the current processes related to their work. 

Use Idea Deployer to look for opportunities where even minor adjustments could result in substantial cost or time savings. 

Features of Idea Management Software

Faster, Better, Smarter Incremental Innovation

Compound improvements

Even incremental improvements done in tandem with each other can result in exponentially higher benefits. Idea deployer helps you to use your small idea to make a big improvement.

Drive operational excellence

Operational excellence is an ongoing process that lies at the heart of every successful orgnization. Idea Deployer enables you to captures ideas to make continual improvements and changes.

Achieve performance excellence

Drive performance excellence with Idea Deployer by gather ideas from everyone and prioritize processes to start improvement efforts and by fostering collaboration, but also keeping everyone accountable for their impact.

Create a culture of continous improvement and achieve process excellence.

Safe space to fail

Fire the innovation engine by providing a platform for creating new ideas to overcome new challenges and promote a culture of risk, experimentation, and innovation 

Enhance ideas

Share ideas to get others unique perspective on your idea, follow through with their inputs, enrich the idea and leverage each others wisdom.

Innovation portfolio

Manage you innovation portfolios and know how much funding should go towards incremental improvements, breakthroughs, and occasional large-scale failures.

Idea realization

Manage the idea implementation and realization by planning projects and excuting tasks.

Also use Idea Deployer for

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