Create a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is all about finding the right environment for creative thinking. With Idea Deployer, you can create and experience that environment anywhere ere, anytime.

Features of Idea Management Software

Invest, Inspire and Innovate

Encourage employees

A platform to encourage your employees to speak up when they have an idea that could improve the company. And it’s about encouraging and supporting those employees when their ideas start to bloom. Innovation is about generating new ideas and new solutions to problems. Innovation requires creativity and the ability to think differently. No one does this better than the people that have the best ideas.  

Inspire to be creative

Make sure people are flexible and creative and feel like it’s ok to experiment. It’s essential for your company to innovate and to keep up with the competition. An environment that builds on their creativity provides them with the necessary tools to innovate that meet or improve business objectives.

Way of life

Creating a culture of innovation is a difficult task and requires commitment from all levels of the organization. Organization norms need to be established that encourage exchanging ideas and making the most of the skills available. There is no single formula to cultivate a culture of engagement and collaboration but a continuous lifestyle and commitment.

Idea Deployer can be your start to a journey of creating an environment that supports creative thinking that will generate new and improved ideas. and a culture of innovation that pushes for creativity and new concepts.

It's not always easy to create new or enhanced products, services, or processes, but that's what innovation is all about. It's about creative thinking, and your environment plays a huge role. 

Dedicated Workspace

Create a dedicated workspace by aligning it with the company's business strategy or by department. 

Custom Challenge Workflow

Model your challenge management process and get multiple ways that the customer can be involved in generating new ideas for you.

Your challenge

Post challenges and welcome all the brightest ideas from internal and external stakeholders for your challenge and filter the best of them.  

Idea Dashboard

Keep track of innovation leader's idea pipeline and spend less time with the unified platform having all idea implementation status.

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