Cultivate a creative culture

Idea Deployer is an idea management software that helps you to capture ideas that matter from anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Refine, enrich and build on each other's ideas to create something better than any one person could do alone. Leverage the collective intelligence of a team to improve your idea and get it ready for market.

Features of Idea Management Software

The power of ideas is within your team.

Idea Deployer is the most effective innovation management software, designed to be used by innovation leaders, managers, and teams. It manages the idea-to-execution process in an intuitive way, which facilitates co-innovation within teams and with customer and supplier.

Innovation workspace

Have absolute control over your innovation by separating a workspace with another such as a public workspace for open innovation.

Idea funnel

No two ideas are identical and they may follow a different journey. Create an innovation funnel by innovation theme and allow the brightest ideas to flow through the funnel.

Collect ideas

Ideas can spring forth anytime and anywhere and the best ideas sometimes come from the most unlikely sources. Capture ideas from anywhere, anytime, any device ensure that the good ideas don't slip.

Benefit category

Adding benefit categories such as revenue, cost, efficiency, productivity, utilization, NPS is the best way to organize your ideas.

Cover image

Add a cover image to tell a story of your idea and to grab the attention of your colleagues for their feedback, input, and comments.

Add attachment

Just don't clutter your idea by adding too much in the idea post and distracting others. Rather add a file or doc or slides by attaching to your idea to provide a detailed description.

Idea governance

Manage your ideas by controlling can post, view, edit and change the status of an idea in the idea pipeline.


Add hashtags while submitting an idea - a great way to track what's trending and connect with your fellow innovators.


Don't let ideas slip by and encourage users to submit their idea by posting them anonymously without the fear of criticism or psychological barriers. Sometimes, even the brightest but unconventional ideas don't get heard.

Collective wisdom

Opinions, commenting, knowledge charing crowd collaboration allows leveraging the collective intelligence of the team so that your idea is thoroughly scrutinized, and future-proof which will also ease the change management.

Idea voting

Crow voting of an idea will ensure that only the most popular and meritorious ideas will move forward for management review.

Idea rating

Crow rating of an idea on cost and benefit will ensure that the most feasible and impactful ideas are sent to management for evaluation and also ensures transparency in the idea selection.

Favorite an idea

Favoriting an idea is another way of crow evaluation and letting others know that believe in that idea.

Card view

Card view allows you and your team to interact with challenges easily providing a quick summary of ideas and access to idea-specific settings.

List view

List view allows you and your team to get a snapshot of all statistics of all ideas in a challenge enabling you to save your time and increase the efficiency of idea management.

Kanban view

Kanban a.k.a. pipeline view allows you and your team to manage ideas through the idea funnel. You can move an idea through the workflow and change its status.

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