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The best-integrated online tool for idea management with all features of ideation campaigns, gated ideation workflow, idea voting, rating, commenting and real-time collaboration, idea evaluation and expert reviews, idea execution and Kanban-based implementation management and innovation dashboard, reporting & analytics.

Features of Idea Management Software

Innovation Workspace

Dedicated Workspace

Create a dedicated workspace by innovation theme aligned to business strategy or by each department.

Custom Challenge Workflow

Model your own challenge management process and transform the way you manage ideation campaigns.

Custom Idea Workflow

Define your own ideation stages, add criteria to promote ideas automatically and streamline the end-to-end innovation process.

Manage Challenges

Launch Engaging Challenges

Enrich a challenge by adding links, attachments, hashtags, set deadlines and broadcast to a selected user group.

Challenge Reviews

Align a challenge with an innovation theme and strategy and make it live to get focused ideas.

Challenge Insights

Challenge discussion helps to frame the problem and crack the complex problems.

Idea Collection

Get Focused Ideas

Capture ideas from everyone and anytime for a challenge and solve real business problems together.

Anonymous Posting

Empower members who do not feel confident to post their ideas by hiding their identity.

Top Innovator

Identify top contributors based on the number of ideas posted, participation, votes and reward top innovators.

Idea Voting

Crowd Voting & Rating

Diversity of opinion and let participants vote and rate ideas on a star-based system and enable open innovation.

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate with members, capture crowd feedbacks similar to social media, tap the untapped knowledge and co-create ideas.

Idea Ranking

Transparent ranking and promotion of trending ideas help to Increase the acceptance of the idea with lower change management cost.

Idea Evaluation

Multiple Scoring System

Assess the Idea viability based on crowd-voting or customizable scorecards.

Transparent Evaluation

All subject matter experts use the same pre-agreed criteria to evaluate an idea and eliminate any biases or preferences.

Idea Selection Notification

Idea submitter is notified in real-time when their idea is selected and other important status changes.

Idea Realization

Implementation Methodology

Execute the selected idea from pre-made templates or make your own roadmap.

Phases and Tasks

Create core building blocks, break into a manageable piece and add tasks like a Kanban card, set due date and assign responsibility.

Due Date Reminders

Get notification when a task is assigned and due date reminder of an existing task to stay on track on the Implementation timeline.

Reporting and Analytics

Idea Dashboard

Keep track of innovation leader's idea pipeline and spend less time with the unified platform having all idea implementation status.

Smart Search

Search ideas and challenges by categories and tags and use advanced filters to sort ideas and data.

Report and Insights

Powerful visualization of engagements enabling informed decision making and proactive fixing of bottlenecks.

Setup and Configuration

Team Management

Assign admins who have control over managing workspaces users, user groups, benefit categories, running reports and much more.


Each member has their own unique profile and users can collaborate with their colleagues.

Security & Accessibility

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